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If a picture is worth a thousand words than Free Yoga Videos must be worth millions! Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle realizes the value of watching Yoga Videos.

By watching a video you can learn something new, grasp a new idea or a concept or share information, inspiration and resources with other Yogis and Yoginis like yourself.

That is why we have created this library of Free Yoga Videos for you. 

Here you can watch videos about specific topics, learn Yoga poses, find out about events or enjoy stories, news and interviews about Yoga teachers or other Yogis and Yoginis like yourself. 

NEW! Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle
was featured by Live Super Well
on Getting Started with Yoga!

Watch Getting Started with Yoga Here!

Gwen Harmen, Yogini and Founder of Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle
talks with Diana Pineda about 
Getting Started with Yoga.

Watch What is Yoga Here!
This video is by the Hindu Students Association 
to bring understanding of Yoga philosophy and practices.

Watch Hallelujah Here!
 I got a chance to meet Will Blunderfield at the Victoria Yoga Conference where he played Hallelujah among other beautiful songs.

Will Blunderfield Sings, Chants and Speaks in English and Sanskrit in a moving mix of traditional and modern Yogic chants with other inspirational songs on his New Album "Hallelujah" 

Opening song, "Guest House" is a soulful spoken-word poem by Rumi. Other songs like beloved "Long Time Sun" featuring lyrical songstress, Danielle Mika Nagel, and "Halleluiah: performed by Will Blunderfield on his CD are soul-soothing, uplifting and inspirational.

Will's vision is to share love, joy and peace with the world and he certainly delivers on this album.

Will Blunderfield's inspiring, if a bit edgy CD "Hallelujah" will open your heart and leave you smiling, singing and dancing!

Yoga Review by Yogini

by Will Blunderfield

Watch Power Yoga for Boomers Here!
Interview with Geo Moskios, the Creator of Power Yoga!

More Free Yoga Videos!

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Practice Safe Yoga! Always seek the advice of your health care practitioner before starting Yoga, Pilates or any other exercise program. Namaste!

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