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There are
as many ways
to practice Yoga Meditation as there are Yogis and Yoginis.

Some prefer complete silence while others play soothing Meditation Music.
Some sit in a Lotus Position, while others prefer a more comfortable reclining position.
Some repeat a Mantra such as Om, a phrase such as I AM, or a prayer or a chant. Some visualize an inspirational image such as the Buddha or focus on a candle.
Some observe their breath while others focus on clearing their mind.

Simply choose
the method that works best for you and begin your meditation practice today! ~ Yogini


Yoga Meditation Techniques by Yogini FREE!

Get Yoga Meditation Techniques by Yogini FREE!

I have been
Practicing Yoga
at Home for the last three years.

It is so
convenient and
enriches my healthy lifestyle immensely.

I have an increased vitality, feel way more positive and relaxed AND the best part is I lost 20 lbs - and several pant sizes!

Practicing at Home Enriches your Healthy Lifestyle Too!

I LOVE practicing Yoga at home so much and have experienced the benefits and enriched my healthy lifestyle.

That is why
I put together these tips to help you practice at home too! ~ Yogini


Practicing Yoga at Home Tips by Yogini!

Get Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home by Yogini FREE!

More Yoga Stuff FREE!

Be FREE of stress!
Be FREE of struggle
Be FREE to be YOU!

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Experience 8 Powerful Meditations

Featuring 7 acclaimed meditation teachers and mentors!

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Learn how to use "Qi" or your own
life force energy to help yourself heal.
See how Qigong can help you heal.
See how meditation and simple movement
can help you heal.

Arthritis? High blood pressure? Diabetes?

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Learn to
Your Body with Your Mind FREE!

Anyone can learn to do it—including you!

Be in the Flow!

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Need Motivation? Want More Success?

This app gives you many wise quotes on success, perseverance, courage, inspiration & hope.

These motivational quotes will surely inspire you & give you the wisdom to live a satisfying & successful life.

You can also SMS or Email these motivational quotes to other Yogis or Yoginis!

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Relax Melodies, the leader in personalized Yoga meditation, relaxation and sleep assistance, is now available for your Android device!

Custom mix your favorite high quality sounds from a selection of 41 relaxing melodies then slip naturally ultimate relaxation experience!

Super easy to use! You’re going to love how it will help you relax, meditate and sleep.

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