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Yoga for Boomers is for people who want to enrich their Healthy Lifestyle no matter their age, size or fitness level.

Whether you are a Baby Boomer or a Beginner and have never practiced Yoga before, you can benefit by starting your Yoga practice today!

Some of the benefits of Yoga for Boomers are greater flexibility, less stress and weight loss.


Photo taken by Gwen Harmen at Yoga Retreat in Hawaii

Anyone of any ability can enjoy the benefits of Yoga at any age!

Many people think they can't practice Yoga, because they aren't flexible enough, or strong enough, or thin enough, or young enough. If life has knocked you around a bit, whether physically or mentally, yoga may be just what you need for healing and rejuvenation.

Every BODY can benefit from the practice of Yoga. For most people, the physical benefits continue throughout life and many report that the mental and spiritual benefits actually increase with age.

~ Power and Grace: Healing with Yoga for Boomers and Beyond~

If you are a Boomer new to Yoga or have any physical challenges, this book is written especially for YOU.

Power and Grace describes Yoga in a manner that is accessible to people of all abilities.

The poses have been modified in order to be practiced by all Boomers regardless of age or physical ability.

Each healing Yoga pose includes a description of the benefits and precautions followed by detailed instructions of the posture.

The poses are described in their original form and in modified forms for Boomers who need the additional support of a chair or a bed.

Power & Grace

Yoga is Fast Becoming Popular for Boomers

Yoga is fast becoming popular for Baby Boomers who want to keep fit and enrich their healthy lifestyle. Studies indicate that Baby Boomers who are active stay healthier and more independent than those who aren’t.

Yoga is the perfect solution for Baby Boomers who want to add exercise to their daily routine. Baby Boomers can become sedentary with TV, computers, video and card games. This slows down the metabolism, clogs the arteries and can cause depression.

Yoga is a Low-Impact Style of Exercise

Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that emphasizes stretching, good posture, balance, proper breathing, and relaxation techniques.

Yoga is an ancient practice that only gets better with age. It is non-judgmental and non-competitive since the foundation of Yoga is about unity and self development.

It is available and open to people of all ages and sizes therefore Baby Boomers can fit right in, no matter your fitness level or ability.

Enrich your healthy lifestyle with Yoga!

Fabulous Forever
Yoga DVD
features Yoga Poses, Dance And Stretches for Active Boomers,
50 Plus Women, and Active Seniors

Mirabai Holland
incorporates beautiful slow dynamic movements coupled with static stretches. She takes stretching, flexibility and core training to intermediate level to help keep you Fabulous Forever. DVD Video, 47 min. Approx. Includes: Info Section, Exercises: Moving Free® Fusion Warm-up: Slow dynamic movements lube joints: Core and Strength movements, stretches, dance fusion, stretch & Balance.

Get Fabulous Forever DVD Here!

Yoga Supplies for Boomers

Yoga for Boomers is designed to help you learn the basics so you can begin your Yoga practice safely and with confidence!

Within this website you will find information, inspiration and some great Yoga supplies including Yoga Exercises for Boomers, Yoga Books, Videos, DVD’s, iPad Apps, Music, Clothes, Accessories and Yoga Reviews to help establish a solid foundation on which to build your Yoga practice.

Yoga for Boomers Kit

Whether you are a Beginner or Boomer, this website provides you with information and resources to help you practice Yoga safely and confidently. Baby Boomers often ask “What is Yoga?” They also want to know the Benefits of Yoga, what clothes and accessories they need and what are some basic Yoga Poses for Boomers. Another question Baby Boomers ask is how they can begin Practicing Yoga at Home.

Feel free to search this site to find answers to your questions, resources and inspiration to help you start and progress your Yoga Practice today!

Get Yoga Kit Here!

Boomers & Beginners can Practice Yoga safely & confidently with this Yoga Kit!

Yoga Mat for Seated, Standing and Stretching Exercises and for Resting Yoga Poses.
Yoga Blocks and Strap will Help You Practice Yoga Poses Safely!

Yoga Kit Includes a Non-Slip Mat, 2 Yoga Blocks and a 100% Cotton Yoga Strap

Get Osteoporosis Exercise Kit Here!

Bone Health
Exercise Kit for
Boomers & Seniors

Mirabai Holland, M.F.

Osteoporosis Exercise
Starter Kit includes
Skeletal Fitness
by Mirabai Holland - Bone Strength Training Exercise DVD with
Hand Weights.

A must for Boomers who want to keep their bones strong and healthy!

Basic Yoga Poses for Boomers

Yoga for Boomers usually incorporates basic yoga poses into the practice.

For example, you begin with the seated or Lotus Pose. The seated pose helps you calm and ground yourself and bring your attention to your practice. This pose helps you leave behind the stresses of the day and focus on your well-being.

Other Yoga Poses for Baby Boomers include standing poses, easy bending poses, moderate stretching poses and final relaxation poses.

One set of poses for Baby Boomers to learn is the “Sun Salutation” which combines poses to help you firm and tone your body, increase your flexibility and relax your mind. Be sure to adapt the Sun Salutation Poses to your fitness level.

Boomers! This Deluxe 3 DVD Set is the perfect way to explore and experience the benefits of yoga. Each of the 40 routines focuses physical and mental aspects of Yoga, such as building strength, improving flexibility, reducing stress and more!

Never before has a has a single collection of yoga DVDs contained so much valuable information to help you explore the healing, invigorating, joyful world of yoga. Be inspired and motivated with this amazing library that will grow with you for years to come.

DVD HIGHLIGHTS:Over 40 routines for a wide range of needs. Modifications for less-flexible people.Routines from 15 - 60 minutes

Bonus! Footage of the Dalai Lama discussing Meditation.

Yoga for Beginners 3 DVD Set Here!

Filmed at stunning Half-Moon Bay, Antigua


Adding a mantra such as Om and Namaste is a good way to begin and end your practice. Using mantras helps you center your thoughts and enhance your well-being. You will find that many Yoga teachers begin and end their practice with a mantra.

Health Benefits of Yoga for Boomers

The Health Benefits of Yoga for Baby Boomers include reducing stress, blood pressure and weight – I myself have lost 20 lbs and several pant sizes by practicing Yoga just 30 minutes three to five times a week! There are many styles of Yoga – from ancient, spiritual, mind-body Yoga to today’s hot Yoga (Bikram and Moksha) and Power Yoga.

Try out a few Yoga Styles and choose one or two that suit your lifestyle and fitness level. The basic foundations or principles of Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle are practicing Yoga exercises or poses regularly, proper breathing techniques, meditation and following a Boomers Yoga Diet. Make Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle your priority. Practice Yoga today!

Note: Always check with your health care practitioner before starting Yoga Practice or any other exercise.


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