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Build Your Own Yoga Kit Here!

Whether you are going to your very first Yoga class, on a Yoga retreat or Practicing Yoga at Home, we have put together some great resources to help you get started.

Get all of the information, inspiration and resources you need to help you learn about and practice Yoga with confidence and safety.

Beginners Want to Know

Beginners often ask “What is Yoga?” They want to know the
Benefits of Yoga and some basic Beginner Yoga Poses to help them get started. Another question Beginners ask is “how can I enrich my healthy lifestyle by Practicing Yoga at Home?”

These resources include some of the Best Yoga Videos, Books, iPad Apps, Music, Clothes and other Accessories. They are available right here on this site to help you establish a solid foundation on which to build your Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle practice.

Yoga for Beginners Kit

I found a great “Yoga for Beginners Kit with DVD and Props” by Gaiam.

I couldn’t wait to purchase mine and start following the tutorial with Yoga Expert, Rodney Yee, and all of the props including a Yoga mat, brick and strap.

BONUS! Includes a 60-minute DVD that features two complete Yoga workouts and a meditation!

Yoga for Beginners Kit Here!

Contains essentials needed to start your Yoga practice

Includes alignment yoga mat, block, strap and DVD

High fashion and functional I Ching mat aids in alignment

Programs include AM yoga program (24-minutes)

Build Your Own Kit

The most convenient way to get your own Yoga for Beginners Kit, is right here on line – or you can build one yourself. You can get cheap Yoga Mats, good Yoga Bolsters, the best Yoga Video (voted by you), iPad Apps, some great discount Yoga clothes and Yoga Reviews by browsing this site.

Complete Workout Kit includes: Exercise Mat, 2 lb. wrist weights, 3 lb. ankle weights, Effortless Stretching Strap, Strap Cushion, headband, 1 pair of grip socks, and a complete workout guide.

Complete Workout Kit

This deluxe Yoga kit comes packed with all the necessary Yoga equipment. Includes Yoga Mat that adheres to any floor, lightweight Yoga block, strap with adjustable buckle, instructional DVD and color poster that displays standard Yoga poses - perfect for any Yoga space!

Yoga Starter Kit

The Basics

Some basics you will need to build your own kit are:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Yoga Bolster, Brick or Block
  • Yoga Strap
  • Yoga Videos, DVDs or iPad Apps
  • Yoga Blanket, Shawl or Towel
  • Some great Yoga or Meditation Music (CDs or Downloads)

You can grow your kit as time goes on. For example, if you are heading to a Yoga Retreat, you might also want to get:

  • A great Yoga Bag
  • Some trendy Yoga Clothes
  • Yoga Jewelry or "Bling - just for the fun of it!
  • I also saw some great inflatable Yoga Bolsters that are perfect for travel at my last Yoga Retreat.

The sky is the limit! It is best to start with the basics.

Feel free to search this site to find answers to your questions and get some great resources to help you start your Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle Practice today. Check out Yoga Reviews by Yogini to find out about the best Yoga DVD's, Music and iPad Apps!


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