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One of the things that I love most about practicing Yoga is the Wisdom that it imparts.

Indeed, Yoga is an ancient practice that imparts Wisdom about life, Unity and our connection to the Divine.

Yogic Wisdom is a way of thinking, doing and being. It embraces the Body, Mind and Spirit.


I am Reminded to Connect to a Higher Power

When I practice Yoga, I am reminded to connect to a Higher Power, set my intention, breath into my body and out to the Universe; and most importantly, to be present. Are these not pearls of wisdom?

Wisdom is intrinsic to any Yoga Practice, whether it is an ancient path such as Jnana Yoga that is based on knowledge, wisdom, and contemplation; or today’s more modern versions, such as hot or power Yoga. Wisdom lies at the Heart of all Yoga.

Pearls of Wisdom Are Embedded Within

Whether you practice Yoga in class or in the comfort of your own home you you will find Pearls of Yoga Wisdom embedded within the teachings. Throughout this site you will also find Yoga Wisdom and the best Yoga Videos, DVDs, iPad Apps and Books to support your journey. Get Yoga Reviews and Resources right here and throughout this site!


Yogic Wisdom is Shared by Teachers, Friends & Community

Yoga teachers have shared their Wisdom and Insights about Yoga throughout the ages as a path to peace and happiness, and are often quoted.

Yoga Teacher, Shiva Rae, for example, quotes Mirabai in her Yoga Meditation and Invocation. Mirabai was a Yogini whose quest for enlightenment took her on the path of Bhakti Yoga and shared her Wisdom through her ecstatic poetry.

Swami Satyananda shares his Wisdom in this Quote: “To be a miner of diamonds, take care of your picks and shovels. To be a miner of your Spiritual Self, take care of your Body, Breath, and Mind.” He also reminds us that there is just one goal of Yoga (Unity), and that is Unity with the Divine.

Just the other day, a dear friend, Stella P. shared that she learned the Wisdom of “Acceptance” in her hot Yoga class, which really hit home, since she was going through an emotional break-up of her relationship.

As Yoga sweeps the nation, practitioners drawn to its low-stress, high-results workout are becoming more interested in the tradition's spiritual beginnings and teachings.

Yoga Wisdom offers entry to that history in a gathering of quotes from the masters.

Mindfulness, self-discipline, awareness, and experience are addressed by some of the greatest teachers.

Yoga Wisdom Here!

Yoga Quotes

There are many ways to gain inspirational Yogic Wisdom. The simplest way is to practice Yoga regularly.

The more you practice the deeper the Yogic Wisdom you will be able to attain.

Another way to gain Yoga Wisdom is to follow Yoga Quotes by teachers throughout the ages.

Here are some of my Favorite Yoga Quotes to help you get started.

Soul to Soul is a beautiful collection of inspiring selections that will add zest, depth, humor and tears to your yoga class. Enjoy quotes from the Dalai Llama, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, Shakti Gawain, Swami Kripalu, Mother Teresa, David Frawley and others.

Get Soul to Soul Here!

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