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I have been practicing Yoga for several years and have seen Yoga Wear and Accessories improve immensely. Yoga Wear has become more functional and fashionable since I went to my first Yoga class in gym pants and tops. Whether you are a Beginner or Boomer there is a myriad of Yoga Clothes, Accessories and Jewelry to enrich your Yoga Experience!

Whether You Practice Yoga in Class or at Home

Whether you practice Yoga in class or at home, or are heading off to a Yoga Retreat this site is for you! Here you will find fashionable yet functional Yoga Clothing and Accessories. Want a little bling? Just add a special piece of Yoga Jewelry to help keep you inspired.

Yoga Pants

Yoga Tops

Yoga Top
Doubles as Fashion Wear!

Wouldn't it be great if your easiest throw-on doubled as your prettiest summer-weight layer? Whether you're headed to Yoga Class or your next Yoga Retreat, this beautiful Yoga Top is for you!
This lacy fashion hoodie is one of a kind. Tunic-length, V-neck with wide, marble-dyed ribbed cuffs and a unique lightweight burn-out design.

Get Women's Yoga Top Here!

Feminine & High Performance Women's Yoga Top!

This Mikayla's lightweight Women's Yoga Top Features
burnout fabric
that will suit you during Yoga Practice as well throughout the rest of the day! Pack this lightweight top for your next Yoga Retreat! Dress the same way you move; with grace and class.

Women's Yoga Top

Yoga Accessories

Yoga Jewelry!

Large Pendant Natarajasana on Sterling Chain:Length&ndsh;18"

Lord of the Dance Pose solid Sterling Pendant in a stately 2 inch including the Ovana bail. Three dimensional,produced by the lost wax casting method,hand polished to retain exquisite detail. Available with 16 inch and 18 inch snake chain.

Yoga Jewelry

Yoga Bra
for Fuller Breasted Women!

Designed for high-impact sports, the Maia features combined encapsulation and compression support. The encapsulation bra cup construction surrounds the breast to give support and shaping. If you are a Beginner or Boomer and have been discouraged by sport bras that do not accommodate larger chest sizes or are unattractive to look at, then Maia is a great choice for you. Designed for comfort and beauty, this is a bra that recognizes the athleticism of all women.



Beautiful Om Mantra Meditation Shawl!

Soft, heavy rayon fabric drapes beautifully during meditation and as a fashion accessory! Fair trade made in India. 20% more weight than most shawls. 28" wide by 72" long. Choice of colors, orange, blue, rainbow and more!

Wear your prayer! Om is the sound of Oneness or dissolving into the universe.

Meditation Shawl

Deluxe Yoga
Tote Kit by Gaiam is the perfect accessory for the Yoga Studio or your next Yoga Retreat!

The Yoga Tote Bag has plenty of space and zippered inside pockets.

This yoga mat is long, plush, and beautiful!

The water bottle tucks nicely inside the tote bag along with the mat.

A great purchase for the price!

Yoga Tote Kit

Soft Yoga Jacket
by I Am Beyond.

Keep those pre- and post-workout muscles warm by zipping up in the supremely soft Yoga jacket by Beyond Yoga. You'll look as good as you feel thanks to form-fitting princess seams that flatter your feminine shape by defining your waist and lengthening your torso. With handy pockets on the inside and outside to stash keys and I.D., this jacket is at once protective, stylish, and functional.

Made in the USA of a luxuriously soft yet ultra durable Supplex-Lycra blend; a quick-drying performance fabric with generous stretch and full recovery. Choice of beautiful colors blue, purple, peach and more!

Yoga Jacket

You're going
to love taking this Deluxe Yoga Bag to your next Yoga Class or Retreat!

It's unique front patch is the perfect place to slip bigger items, like your yoga mat.

But that's not all this bag can boast. In your choice of brilliant colors, violet, pink, orange, black!
You'll find oodles of pockets: two big cargo ones, lots more little ones, zipped ones, and soft-lined ones for gadgets.

Lug Yoga Bag Here!

I LOVE Shopping for Yoga Wear - Accessories Too!

Not only does Yoga Practice enrich my Healthy Lifestyle – I get to wear some great Yoga Wear and Accessories! And you can too by shopping for your Yoga Wear right here on this website.

Find Beautiful Yoga Wear & Accessories Here!

As you have seen I have featured some beautiful Women’s Yoga Pants, Yoga Tops, a super fit Yoga Bra, some inspirational Yoga Jewelry and even a Meditation Shawl. Browse below for more Yoga Wear and Accessories! Or browse my entire website for some great Yoga DVDs, Music, iPad Apps and Yoga Reviews.

You Don't Even Have to Leave Home to Shop!

And the best part is, you don’t even have to leave your home to shop for your Yoga Wear and Accessories.

Just grab a fragrant cup of Yogi Tea and leisurely browse here and throughout this website.

And don't hesitate to visit often - we are always adding new Yoga Clothes and Accessories to our site!

Shop for More Yoga Wear & Accessories Here!

Going on a Yoga Retreat?

Check our Yoga Retreats and Deluxe Yoga Kit pages for some great Yoga Clothes and Accessories. We have also featured a great Yoga travel bag by Lug, an elegant Yoga Tote Kit and some colorful Meditation Shawls!

Enjoy your Yoga Journey!


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