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Yoga Reviews is especially for Beginners to Boomers who want to enrich their healthy lifestyle through practicing Yoga. Whether you practice at class, at home, or are going on a retreat, Yoga Reviews will help you discover the best Yoga Videos, DVDs, Music, iPad Apps, Mats, Accessories and more!

I Have Benefited from Practicing Yoga

I have personally benefited from practicing Yoga for several years. I have taken numerous Yoga classes, watched Yoga DVD’s, Videos and iPad Apps and gone on several retreats. More recently, I have found that practicing Yoga at Home suits my lifestyle the best.

A Common Thread is to Practice What I Learned

A common thread for me has been the desire to practice what I learned in class, or at a retreat, at home. I also wanted to listen to the great music that I first heard in class or at a retreat any time I chose. Many times I have asked the Yoga teacher, who is invariably busy preparing for the next class, “What was that beautiful Yoga Meditation Music you were playing? How do I do that Yoga Pose again? Where did you get your awesome Yoga mat, pants or bling?”

Yoga Reviews is a Result of that Quest

This page is a result of that quest! Yoga Reviews is designed to answer all of these questions and to help you find the best Yoga Videos, DVDs, Meditation Music, iPAD Apps, Mats, Pants and Accessories to help you enjoy your practice even more!

The Best Way I know to Review Yoga Products

The best way I know how to review Yoga products and accessories is by starting out with some my personal favorites. Click here to get Yoga Reviews by Yogini.

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Soon you will also be able to purchase many of these products right here on this website! Be sure to subscribe to this site as well and be the first to find out when a new Yoga Review or product arrives!

Review Your Favorite Yoga Product!

You can also post your own Yoga Review to help other Yogis and Yoginis as they step out on their own Yoga Path! Just go to Your Yoga Review below!


Review Your Favorite Yoga Product Here!

Have a favorite Yoga DVD, CD, iPAD App, Retreat or Accessory that you want to share? Review it here!

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