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Yoga Retreats Soothe Your Spirit

One of my favorite ways to s-o-o-t-h-e my Spirit is to go on a Yoga Retreat. Yoga Holidays are ideal for Yogis and Yoginis who want to enrich their Healthy Lifestyle no matter their age or fitness level.

Whether you are a Beginner or Boomer, or have never practiced Yoga before, you can benefit by going on a Yoga Retreat or Holiday!

This page is dedicated to helping you experience and benefit from Yoga Retreats! Enjoy the journey.

Blissful Relaxation!

Some of the benefits of Yoga Retreats are learning and practicing Yoga in a supportive environment, reducing stress, and bliss-full relaxation.

Other benefits are that you get to practice with dedicated Yoga teachers and to meet other like-minded Souls.

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Not to mention travelling to some of the world’s most exotic locations and special places in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Asia, Hawaii and beyond.
~ Yogini~

Looking for a tranquil vacation? Try a Yoga Retreat!

Even if enlightenment is not your aim, you’ll definitely achieve a luminous glow.

Yogis understand the positive influence of natural surroundings and feng shui on the body, mind and soul, while the healthy organic food served at most retreats leaves you feeling lighter and purified.

Whether you go by yourself, with a friend or partner, or even in a group, you will always find friendly company.

can easily become a way of life.

You might find yourself planning your days and even holidays around Yoga practice.

Featuring Blissful and Restorative Yoga Retreats in Sublime Locations, with Acclaimed Yoga Teachers!

Choose from a spiritual ashram in India, a stone farmhouse in Tuscany or a beach resort in Mexico. ~ Great Yoga Retreats

Get Great
Yoga Retreats

Your Every Need is Taken Care of

Yoga Retreats are designed to take care of your every need – from travel arrangements to accommodations and healthy meals to dedicated Yoga Practice, soulful meditation and relaxation.

You can find a Yoga Retreat to suit your lifestyle – whether you desire a strenuous Yoga Program, Spiritual Retreat or Luxury Holiday there is a Retreat just for you! The last Retreat that I went on combined Yoga, Meditation, and Teachings with Yoga on the Beach and Walking Meditations.

Of course there was lots of time for trekking, sight-seeing and dining with other Yogis and Yoginis or personalized Spa Treatments and Relaxation!

Take this Breazy Kaley Yoga Tunic from Prana on your next Yoga Retreat! Design combines style with performance fabric and chest support, for a garment that flows from the Yoga studio, to outings and excursions. The Kaley features a flattering empire waist that drops down to a breezy tunic with the feel of a dress. The fitted bodice provides support with an internal shelf bra, while double spaghetti straps provide a feminine neck line.

Get Breazy Yoga Tunic Here!

Add a little "bling" to your Yoga Retreat travel wardrobe!

Sterling Silver Yoga, Sanskrit Om Symbol with Amber Stone Pendant Necklace for Women and Men

16' Sterling Sliver "OM" Pendant

OM Pendant Here!

Yoga Accessories for Your Next Retreat

At my last Yoga Retreat I was required to bring my own Yoga Mat, Bolster or Pillow and Blanket. I was hesitant to bring this gear with me on the long flight, which began on a small seaplane.

I was surprised by the ingenuity of the other Yogis and Yoginis who obviously had several Retreats under their belts. An inflatable, velvety Yoga Bolster was a real hit. As well as a Micro-Fibre Yoga Towel which served as a Yoga Mat or Blanket and was perfect for practicing Yoga on the Beach! Of course I couldn’t help noticing all of the lovely Yoga Clothes, Sandals and Yoga Jewelry Bling!

Not to mention the beautiful and enchanting Yoga and Meditation Music the the Yoga teacher played every day! We were all clamoring to find out her playlist!

Many of these Yoga Accessories and music can be found throughout this site! In fact, you can get free tips by Yogini on how to build your own Deluxe Yoga Kit for your next Yoga Retreat right here!

This Yoga Tote Kit by Gaiam is the perfect accessory for your next Yoga Retreat!

The Yoga Tote Bag has plenty of space and zippered inside pockets.

This yoga mat is long, plush, and beautiful!

The water bottle tucks nicely inside the tote bag along with the mat.

A great purchasefor the price!

Yoga Tote Kit

You're going to love taking this Lug Yoga Bag to your next Yoga Retreat or Yoga Class!

It's unique front patch is the perfect place to slip bigger items, like your yoga mat.

But that's not all this bag can boast. In your choice of brilliant colors, you'll find oodles of pockets: two big cargo ones, lots more little ones, zipped ones, and soft-lined ones for gadgets.

Lug Yoga Tote Bag Here!

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