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When life gets hectic, I s-o-o-t-h-e my Spirit by practicing Meditation. Whether you are a Beginner or a Boomer you can benefit from practicing some simple Meditation Techniques.

Meditation can be part of your regular Yoga Routine or practiced on its own.


(Namaste to Carolyn Davis for permission to use photo of her meditating at our Yoga Retreat)

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Practicing Meditation

When it is a Yoga Practice day, I do a brief Meditation at the end of my routine, generally known as Shavasana or “corpse” pose. By the end of this relaxation pose, I am so refreshed and rejuvenated that I am ready to embrace the next part of my day -whatever it may bring.

I also set aside 30 minutes whenever possible to practice a bliss-ful Yoga meditation - five times a week works best for me. I simply go to a quiet space, put on some relaxing Yoga Meditation Music and meditate to soothe my body, mind and spirit. To deepen my Meditation experience I simply add a Mantra (read more below) and a Hand Yoga Mudra. OM!

Yoga Meditation
is an ancient source of inner peace practiced by millions, and a method of exercise meant to produce mind, body and spirit

Includes Yoga Meditation Handbook with exercises, instructions, and reflections for meditation, information about aromatherapy and two CD's presenting Yoga Pranayama breathing techniques, mantras, compassion meditation, and meditation music, two Yantras, (Mandelas) for visual meditation, and containers for preparing and filling with soothing bath salts and soothing aroma therapy oil.

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The relaxing and reviving powers of music have been known to Yogis and Yoginis for centuries.

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Hand Yoga Mudras

Hand Yoga Mudras are often Practiced during Meditation. Each finger is associated with a unique energy that when formed into Mudras, create subtle energy patterns.

In Ancient Indian or Buddhism Yoga Meditation, the hands are often placed on the knees in the crossed legged position (Lotus Pose) with the palms facing upwards and thumbs and forefingers encircled and touching. Another Hand Yoga Position is the Prayer Pose and is used when connecting to the Divine during meditation or in greeting the Yoga teacher, student or each other known as Namaste.

Pressing the finger tips is thought to stimulate brain patterns which can be used to invoke intention or effect desired change through Yoga Meditation.

Read more about Hand Yoga Mudras!

The Buddha is often
practicing the Dhyani Mudra (Gesture of Meditation) while sitting in the crossed legged or Lotus Position. His left hand is resting on top of his right, thumbs touching, depicting Samsara or Enlightenment.

Hand Yoga Mudras

According to Ancient and Modern Yogic philosophy, Hand Yoga Mudras are often practiced during Yoga and Meditation to invoke shifts in energy or consciousness.

Many Yoga traditions still follow this practice today. Hand Mudras can be practiced during Yoga or Meditation. Also while resting, stuck in traffic, at the office, watching TV, waiting.

Yoga in Your Hands

Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands
Mudras also playfully called the "finger power points" are Yoga positions for your hands and fingers. Hirschi shows you how these techniques can increase health relieve stress, and help heal emotional issues.

Benefits of Yoga Meditation

Numerous studies have shown that Meditation benefits the body, mind and spirit. Focusing on the present is the core essence of Meditation, which enhances our ability to relax, concentrate and shift our attitude. It is beneficial for people whose minds are cluttered with worry or stress, are facing emotional challenges such as separation or divorce, have health issues or just want to enrich their healthy lifestyle.


  • Increased Energy
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Increased Lung Capacity
  • Improved Ability to Heal the Body
  • Pain Control
  • Healthy Aging
  • Longevity


  • Deeper Relaxation
  • Promotes Positive Attitude
  • Less Tension, Stress & Anxiety
  • Greater Clarity and Focus
  • Improved Memory & Concentration
  • Enhanced Academic Performance


  • Greater Awareness of/Connection to a Higher Power
  • Better Sense of Self
  • Increased Empathy
  • Higher Self Esteem
  • More Patience
  • Forgiveness of Self and Others
  • Bliss

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Meditation Accessories

Meditation can easily be practiced by sitting in the Lotus Position on a Yoga Mat or Bolster. Other Accessories to enhance your Yoga Meditation experience are soothing Yoga Music, a Yoga Blanket or Shawl to warm your shoulders, an eye mask to help you focus inward, a guided Meditation CD, Meditation DVD, Music or iPad App.

Always wear comfortable Clothes that do not restrict your breathing or circulation. All of these Accessories can be found right here on this website.

Feel free to grab a cup of soothing Yogi Tea and browse this website for more Yoga information, inspiration and resources.

Note: Always check with your health practitioner before practicing Yoga, Meditation or any other exercise.


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