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Whether you are a Beginner, or a Boomer like me, you can learn some simple yet powerful Yoga Mantras to help you enrich your healthy lifestyle. By learning and practicing some Mantras, you can experience such benefits as stress relief, peace of mind, tranquility and can even affect positive change.

Sanskrit Mantras

Ancient Sanskrit Mantras are sacred sounds, words or phrases considered capable of raising consciousness and affecting change. Sanskrit Mantras have been practiced during Yoga and Meditation for thousands of years. With roots in Ancient India they are still used today to shift energy, elevate consciousness and attain greater peace of mind.

Each Mantra is associated with a unique energy or element, that when silently or audibly chanted, can create subtle energy patterns or shifts to elevate the consciousness of the practitioner.

Chanting Mantras during Yoga or Meditation Practice is also thought to stimulate brain patterns which can be used to invoke powerful intentions to affect desired change.

Om Shanti Sanskrit Mantra

In Ancient India and Buddhism Yoga the practitioners used the Sanskrit Mantra “Om” (Aum) to invoke the Divine. Om is believed to be the sacred sound of God, the Divine or Universe.

"Shanti" is the Sanskrit word for Peace. "Om Shanti" is therefore known as the Peace Mantra and is used to wish Peace to All That Is.

These and other Sanskrit Mantras are spoken silently or chanted audibly during Yoga Meditation to deepen the experience and elevate the consciousness of the practitioner.

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Meditation Mantras

Meditation Mantras are words or phrases that may be spoken silently or chanted audibly during Yoga Meditation to help focus the practitioner on the Divine to and to raise consciousness or affect change.

During Yoga Meditation a Mantra such as the Sanskrit word Om (Aum) is often used to invoke the Divine or elevate one’s consciousness. Other Sanskrit words such as Ananda, which means Bliss, or Namaste, which means I surrender or bow to the Divine within all beings are also used to deepen the Meditation experience.

Other words may be used during meditation such as God, I AM, I AM That I AM or any word or phrase that has sacred meaning to the practitioner.

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Mantra Meditation for Creating Abundance
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Personal Mantras

The use of Personal Mantras used by humankind for thousands of years and originate in the Ancient Sanskrit language. Personal Mantras of Ancient times were unique to each individual and based on their vital statistics, horoscope and given names. Personal Mantras are still used today during Yoga and Meditation Practice and are used to effect positive change in the practitioner’s life.

For example, if you want to attract a better job you might create a positive statement or affirmation such as “I attract my perfect work” or “I Am working in a positive environment, doing the work I love for the remuneration I deserve”. Alternatively you might use a phrase such as “I AM” to invoke and honour the Divine within.

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Yoga Mantras are often Coupled with Hand Mudras

Yoga Mantras are often practiced alongside Hand Yoga Mudras. Find out more here! You can also get more information, inspiration and resources about Yoga and Meditation practice and some great Yoga DVDs, Music, Reviews, Clothes and Accessories throughout this website. Feel free to make yourself a cup of soothing Yogi Tea and browse this site.

Note: Always consult your health care practitioner before starting any Yoga, Meditation or exercise practice.


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