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Like in Any Sport, Yoga Injuries Can Happen

Like in any sport, Yoga Injuries can happen when we least expect it and must be looked after to avoid long-term consequences. As Yoga becomes more and more popular, Beginners to Boomers are reaping not only the benefits, but some are unfortunately experiencing Yoga Injuries as well.

Even The Most Cautious Yogi or Yogini Can Suffer a Yoga Injury...

Even the most cautious Yogi or Yogini can suffer a Yoga Injury. Here are some tips to help you practice Safe Yoga and avoid injuries.

If you do experience a Yoga Injury always seek the care of your health practitioner.

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Yoga Injury Prevention Tips

  1. Always check with your health care practitioner before you start Yoga Practice or any other exercise program.
  2. Seek out well-qualified Yoga Instructors. Whether you are planning on going to the local gym or community centre or practicing Yoga at home, always make sure the Yoga Teacher is qualified. Do a bit of research to ensure that their clients are satisfied customers.
  3. Make sure that your Yoga Practice is in alignment with your fitness level. For example Beginners and Boomers who have never practiced Yoga before will want to find a gentle Yoga Program designed for beginners. The more advanced your fitness level, the more strenuous your Yoga Program can be. There are some great instructional Yoga DVDS, Videos and iPad Apps especially for Beginners to Boomers. I have reviewed som of my favorite Yoga DVDS, Videos, Music and iPad Apps here here.
  4. Pay attention to your Yoga teacher. Yoga Teachers are certified and have the credentials to guide you through your Yoga Practice safely. A good Yoga Teacher will offer their students variations of each pose i.e. gentle to more strenuous.
  5. Yoga is a personal and non-competitive practice. Listen to your body and practice at your own pace. Don’t compete with others in the class. Over-extending a pose can cause injury.
  6. If you experience pain during a pose gently move out of the pose, relax your body and move into the Balasana or Child’s Pose. It is beneficial to rest during or between poses – this gives your body a chance to recuperate.
  7. Remember to breathe throughout your Yoga Practice. Yoga Practice is about following the breath. Our Breath is Prana or vital energy in the body.
  8. Hydrate your body during Yoga Practice by drinking plenty of fresh filtered water. Keep your water bottle accessible during your Yoga Practice.
  9. If you do experience a Yoga Injury, take care of it immediately and seek advice of your health care practitioner.
  10. Enjoy the benefits of practicing Safe Yoga!


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