Yoga Injuries
Beginners to Boomers

Yoga Injuries Can Happen When We Least Expect It!

Yoga Injuries, like any sport injury can happen when we least expect it and must be looked after to avoid long-term consequences. As Yoga becomes more and more popular, Beginners to Boomers are reaping not only the benefits, but some are unfortunately experiencing Yoga Injuries as well. Even the most cautious Yogi or Yogini can suffer a Yoga Injury.

I Recently Attempted
A Shoulder Stand...

I recently attempted a Yoga Shoulder Stand and the very next day... O-U-C-H!

I couldn't lift my arm without a sharp pain, resulting in a visit to my Chiropractor.

During the treatment, my Chiropractor mentioned that shoulder stands are the cause of the most frequent Yoga Injuries he sees among his patients.

His advice? No more shoulder stands for at least a year – if ever! And if I do attempt a shoulder stand he strongly advised that I practice "Safe Yoga" by practicing a modified version of the shoulder stand and using a bolster.

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I Must Admit I Became A Bit Complacent

I must admit, I was not doing the shoulder stand appropriately. I was trying to “step up” my Yoga routine and attempted a shoulder stand while the Yoga Teacher was performing the Apanasana or Knee to Chest back rest pose. Rest poses are very important to give your muscles a chance to relax following a more strenuous pose. I have been practicing Yoga for several years and had become a bit complacent about practicing my poses properly. Note to self... pay attention to the Yoga Teacher! Due to the occurrence of this type of Shoulder Injury, many Yoga teachers now modify the Shoulder Stand or avoid them all together.

After Two Weeks of Care

After two weeks of Chiropractic care and a number of sessions with my trusty Dr. Ho’s Muscle Therapy Massage Unit for muscle pain relief my shoulder injury has healed fully and I am now pain free.

I still haven’t attempted another shoulder stand and my lesson is well learned!

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Thank Heavens for
my Trusty Dr. Ho's Muscle Therapy Massage Unit!

I Now Pay Closer Attention to my Yoga Teachers!

I am also paying closer attention to my Yoga Teachers! Since I generally practice Yoga at home, I use Yoga DVD's, Videos and iPad Apps that feature more gentle Yoga exercises led by world-renowned and professionally certified Yoga Teachers to help me prevent further injuries. Some of my favorite Yoga DVD's, Videos, Music and iPad Apps are reviewed here.

Tips for Yoga Injury Prevention

To help you avoid Yoga Injuries, I have put together some Tips for Yoga Injury Prevention. The first tip? Always check with your Doctor or Chiropractor before starting your Yoga Practice or any other exercise.

If you do experience a Yoga Injury get immediate Chiropractic care or medical attention. And pay attention to your Yoga Teacher. Safe Yoga!


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