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Whether you are a Beginner, or a Boomer like me, you can learn some simple yet powerful Yoga Exercises to help you enrich your healthy lifestyle. By learning and practicing Yoga just 30 minutes a day, you can experience its benefits. Some benefits are stress relief, weight control, greater flexibility, increased vitality and soothing tranquility. Om!

Learning some basic poses is the foundation of any Yoga Practice. Basic Yoga Exercises include opening poses, seated poses, standing poses, bending poses, relaxation positions and breathing techniques.

The only thing you need to start practicing Yoga Exercises is a great Yoga DVD and Yoga Mat. You can get these Yoga Supplies plus some great Yoga Wear & Accessories and Yoga Reviews throughout this site! Grab yourself a steamy cup of Yogi Tea and browse this site to get these and other great Yoga supplies!


3 CD Essential Guide to Yoga
provides an introduction to Yoga and the benefits its practice can bring to combat the stresses of modern life. Yoga, in the language of ancient India, means to unite. This is a strong hint that it is not just a physical discipline, as many have assumed, but also a spiritual path to a more complete self. This triple disc set, with helpful notes on how to use and benefit from this beautiful, relaxing music, provides a good introduction to Yoga, including Celtic and eastern flavors to relax the body, soothe the mind and find your own unique antidote to life's 24-hour bustle.

Get Essential Guide to Yoga Here!

Everything You Need to Get Started and Progress with Yoga Exercises!
This Deluxe 3 DVD Set is the perfect way to explore and experience the numerous benefits of yoga. Each of these 40 routines focuses on different physical and mental aspects of yoga, such as building strength, improving flexibility, reducing stress and more! Never before has a has a single collection of yoga DVDs contained so much valuable information to help you explore the healing, invigorating, joyful world of yoga. Be inspired and motivated with this amazing library that will grow with you for years to come.

3 DVD Set

* Filmed at stunning Half-Moon Bay, Antigua

* Bonus footage of the Dalai Lama discussing Meditation

Yoga Breathing Exercises

Yoga teaches that Breath is Life. No one can live without breathing. Yoga also teaches that proper breathing is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga Breathing is known as “Pranayama” in Sanskrit which means: Prana (life force energy), Yama (discipline), Ayama (expansion or growth). Practicing “Pranayama” or Yoga Breathing Exercises regularly can help us gain better health, reduce stress and enrich our healthy lifestyle.

You can find out more about Yoga Breathing by clicking this link: Pranayama. You can also learn and practice Yoga Breathing Exercises with all of the great Yoga Videos, DVD’s, Music and iPAD Aps available here.

Practicing Proper Breathing Techniques

Breathing deeply and filling our chest and abdomen with oxygen helps us relax and reduce stress.

By practicing proper breathing techniques, we fill our bloodstream with oxygen and promote healthy cell and tissue development.

Breathe Here!

A unique two-part DVD of supported yoga poses and breathing techniques to bring the body and mind to a state of stillness.
With Chris Mickle and Rodney Yee.

Strengthening Your Core

My Chiropractor mentioned that I have great flexibility but would benefit by strengthening my core. He knows that I practice yoga regularly, however, said that many Yogis and Yoginis he treats have the same issue. He recommended supplementing my Yoga Practice with Yoga Ball Exercises and Pilates. Read more...

Yoga to Strengthen and Restore!

First, try Yoga master Rodney Yee's 30-minute Core Strength routine. He skillfully leads you through each pose while offering breath work guidance. You ll work your entire body while increasing core strength, flexibility and alignment.

Next, calm and relax with a 30 minute restorative yoga practice using a blanket for support. Perform this workout after Core Strength or anytime you want to relax and restore.

Get 2 Pack Yoga Core & Power Exercise DVDs Here!

Gaiam LIMITED EDITION 2 Pack DVD Set Rodney Yee - Yoga Core Cross Train / Power Yoga Total Body

Yoga Journal's Yoga for Strength and Toning
will work your body in new and different ways to leave you feeling stronger, leaner and more flexible.

Whether you are a Beginner or Boomer these challenging practices will provide you with visible results.

These dynamic sequences are designed to cleanse and support all of your body's systems, giving you a well-rounded and fun workout that will awaken your physical and mental strength.

Get Yoga Exercises
for Strength
& Toning DVD

From Yoga Journal Magazine, the most trusted name in Yoga today!

Yoga and Pilates

If you are already practicing Yoga and want to strengthen your core muscles, try adding Pilates to your Practice, as my chiropractor recommended to me. Pilates can be practiced alongside your Yoga routine to help you build your core strength, increase your stamina, and improve your balance, which is especially important for Boomers like me. Try alternating your Yoga Exercises with Pilates to get the best of both worlds. Yoga vs Pilates? Read more!

Pilates like Yoga, Incorporates Props

Pilates Exercises, like Yoga, incorporates props such as Pilates Mats, Exercise Balls and Straps, and can easily be practiced at home. You can find these Pilates Supplies plus some great Pilates Videos, DVD’s, Music, iPad Aps and Props right here on this website.

Get Winsor Pilates
3 DVD Set

Mari breaks down the exercises so you can understand where your powerhouse is, the role your body frame and alignment play and how breathing affects your performance.

Get Pilates
for Beginners Workout Kit Here!

Pilates Workout for Beginners to Boomers who want to strengthen their core. Kit includes DVD's water bottle, mat strap. Easy to practice at home or while

Yoga Ball Exercises

Incorporating Yoga Ball Exercises into your Yoga Exercise program is a convenient and inexpensive way to strengthen your core muscles. There are many benefits of including Yoga Ball Exercises into your Yoga Practice. You not only target and strengthen your core muscles but you can improve your balance and stamina.

Strengthen your core with Yoga Ball Exercises using this Total Body Balance Ball Kit
by Gaiam. Includes instructional DVD.

Ball Kit

Challenge your body in a fresh, innovative way with this highly effective Balance Ball Workout.

Get Ball Exercise DVD

Note: Always seek the advice of your health care practitioner before starting Yoga, Pilates or any other exercise programs.


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