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Yoga Exercises for Boomers is for those who want to enrich their Healthy Lifestyle through Yoga no matter their age, size or fitness level. Even if you are a Beginner and have never practiced Yoga before, you can benefit by starting your Yoga practice today! Some of the benefits of Yoga Exercises for Boomers are greater strength and flexibility, reduced stress, weight management and peace of mind.

Yoga Exercises for Boomers are Fast Becoming Popular

Yoga Exercises for Baby Boomers are fast becoming popular for those who want to keep active and fit and who want to enrich their healthy lifestyle. Studies indicate that Baby Boomers who exercise and are active stay healthier and more independent than those who don’t. Yoga is the perfect solution for Baby Boomers who want to add exercise to their daily routine.

Baby Boomers can become Sedentary

Baby Boomers can become sedentary with TV, computers, video and card games. This slows down the metabolism, clogs the arteries and can cause depression. Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise that emphasizes stretching, good posture, balance, proper breathing, and relaxation techniques.

Yoga Exercises
for Boomers & Seniors

Moving Free Longevity Solution Flexibility Level 1 will introduce you to Mirabai Holland's signature Moving Free Technique. You ll enjoy the deep relaxation and feeling of well being of full body stretching. You ll feel that youthful flexibility return as you melt stress and gain core strength. This is the third in Mirabai Holland's Moving Free Longevity Solution Series for Active Beginners, Boomers and Seniors.



Exercise DVD for Beginners, Boomers and Seniors.

shows both experienced and novice Yoga practitioners how to adapt Yoga Exercises for Boomers to their age, lifestyle, and physical health.
Weaving together personal experience, practical techniques, and philosophy, Beryl Bender Birch shows Boomers how to take charge of change and create a Yoga plan that works for a maturing population. She discusses the benefits of creating a Yoga practice that involves a total way of being and reveals how to maintain a healthy
Yoga routine.

Boomer Yoga

Boomer Yoga
is clearly and precisely written!

Yoga only Gets Better with Age!

Yoga is an ancient practice that only gets better with age. It is non-judgmental and non-competitive since the foundation of Yoga is about unity and self development. It is open to people of all ages and sizes therefore Baby Boomers can fit right in, no matter your fitness level.

Boomer Yoga Poses

Boomer Yoga Poses generally incorporates basic Yoga postures which can be adapted to any fitness level. For example, Boomer Yoga Exercises generally begin with a resting pose such as the seated or Lotus Pose. The seated pose helps you calm and ground yourself and bring your attention to your practice. This pose also helps you leave behind the stresses of the day and focus on your well-being.

Other Yoga Poses for Baby Boomers include standing poses such as the Mountain Pose, easy bending poses, moderate stretching poses and final relaxation poses known as Shavasana.

One set of poses for Baby Boomers to learn is the Sun Salutation which combines a number of sequenced poses to help you firm and tone your body, increase your flexibility and relax your mind. Be sure to adapt the Sun Salutation Poses to match your fitness level.

Practical and
interactive, Essential Yoga focuses on the basic Yoga Poses providing clear, concise instructions and detailed illustrations for each, all in a lay-flat format that's easy to refer to during yoga practice. It also includes six classic moving meditations (such as Sun Salutation and Camel Vinyasa), 10 beginner-to-advanced sessions, and 48 mini-sequences designed to build strength for specific activities or alleviate health problems.

Essential Yoga
combines physical Yoga Poses (Asanas), Breathing Exercises (Pranayamas), and Meditations (Dhyanas) into a simple and complete reference guide for Yoga Practitioners from Beginners to Boomers
of all fitness levels!

Essential Yoga

Add a Mantra - OM!

Adding a mantra such as Om and Namaste is a good way to begin and end your practice. Using mantras helps you center your thoughts and enhance your well-being. You will find many Yoga teachers begin and end their practice with a mantra.

Try out a Few Boomer Yoga Exercises

Try out a few Boomer Yoga Exercise Routines choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle and fitness level. The basic foundations or principles of Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle are practicing Yoga exercises or poses regularly, proper breathing techniques, meditation and following a healthy Boomers Yoga Diet. Make Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle Your priority. Practice Yoga today!

Boomer Yoga Resources

Yoga Exercises for Boomers is designed to help you learn the basics so you can begin your Yoga practice safely and with confidence. Within this website you will find some great Yoga Resources including Yoga Exercises for Boomers, Yoga Books, DVD’s, iPad Apps, Music, Discount Yoga Clothes, Accessories and Yoga Reviews that will help you establish a solid foundation on which to build your Yoga practice.

Browse through this Site

Make yourself a cup of Yogi Tea and browse through this site to get information, inspiration and Boomer Yoga Resources to help you begin and progress your Yoga practice!

Note: Always check with your health care practitioner before starting Yoga Practice or any other exercise.


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