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Practicing Yoga at Home is so Convenient!

I have been Practicing Yoga at Home for the last three years. It is so convenient and enriches my healthy lifestyle immensely. I have an increased vitality, feel way more positive and relaxed AND the best part is I lost 20 lbs - and several pant sizes!

Practicing at Home Enriches your Healthy Lifestyle Too!

I LOVE practicing Yoga at home so much and have experienced the benefits and enriched my healthy lifestyle. That is why I put together some tips to help you practice at home too! Get my free Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home below.


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Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home - by Yogini

Here are some simple Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home.

(Note: Bookmark and Print this Page. Keep it nearby to help inspire you to enrich your Healthy Lifestyle by Practicing Yoga at Home.)

  1. Find a quiet space in your home that you can designate as your Yoga space – mine is in my bedroom. It is a small space just big enough for me to lay down flat on my back and stretch out my arms and legs without hitting anything. I have set-up a small table with a DVD player and a space for my iPAD. I also added some electronic candles and inspirational candle holders for ambiance (and safety).
  2. Purchase some Yoga DVD’s or iPad Apps. The Best Yoga Video I have found is the “Five Day Fit Yoga” with teachers Rod Stryker and Suzanne Deason (Gaiam), I also love my “Pocket Yoga” iPad App that I got free from iTunes. It is a great way to practice Yoga if I am travelling can find a quiet space at work. You can read my reviews and buy them here!
  3. Purchase a couple of good, cheap Yoga Mats, some Yoga blocks and a Yoga strap or two – these accessories will help you do your Yoga poses more comfortably and safely. By purchasing some extra Yoga Mats, blocks and straps, you can leave one in your car to take with you if you are travelling or going to a Yoga Retreat. You can get these items here!
  4. Wear comfortable Yoga clothes – you can get some great Yoga Wear online. Some of my favourite Yoga wear sites are: Lululemon and Eco-Friendly Yoga.
  5. Set up a Yoga practice schedule that works for you and your lifestyle. Make sure your kids and spouse are aware of your Yoga Practice time. Put a “Practicing Yoga” sign on your door and lock it if necessary.
  6. Pop in your favourite Yoga Video or click on an iPad App and off you go to your own private Yoga class.
  7. Listen to your body. Follow the Yoga Programs correctly and adapt the poses to fit your body’s needs.
  8. Practice Yoga at Home 3 – 5 times a week for best results and to enrich your Healthy Lifestyle such as increased health and vitality, greater flexibility, weight loss, peace of mind and BLISS!
  9. ALWAYS Check with your health practitioner before you start Practicing Yoga at home.
  10. Enrich your Healthy Lifestyle by following these Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home regularly.

I hope these Tips for Practicing Yoga will inspire you to benefit from Practicing Yoga at Home!

Bookmark these Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home and check back often – search this site for information, inspiration and resources to help you practice Yoga safely and confidently. You can read my Yoga Reviews and get some great Yoga Mats, Best Yoga Videos and other supplies and accessories that you can buy right here on this site!


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