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Yoga Conference
Victoria BC!
Jan 31-Feb 2, 2014

The Victoria Yoga Conference 2014 is its 2nd annual event for  curious and serious Yoga practitioners.  The conference offers 70+ workshops and classes, entertainment, and inspiration. 

There will be a Yoga conference market place with over 30 vendors and bookstore.  

NEW for 2014!  A lounge to connect with new and old friends, a meditation room and hOMe for the Conference, accommodation matching service for Yoga conference goers from out of town.


Yoga Rave for a Cause

Coming to Los Angeles

Thursday April 25th, 2013 Buy

Tickets here:

Raise the Vibration of the Planet!

Over 400 yogis joined together for a cause and united as one to raise the vibration of the planet. The UPLIFT Yoga Bash - the first yoga rave in Orange County CA - was conceived and organized by Erica Austin in partnership with CorePower Yoga.

Anthony Chavez led this incredibly UPLIFTing event on August 23, 2012, and the night was filled with yoga, dancing, music, a laser light show, electronic beats, tribal body art, and LOVE. All proceeds benefit UP, inspiring middle schoolers to live extraordinary lives:

Check out the video of the 2012 Yoga Rave here:

Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle is going to the 
2013 Victoria Yoga Conference!

Gwen Harmen, Yogini and Founder of is going to the 2013 Victoria Yoga Conference on Feb 2, 2013!

Find out what conference Yoga teachers Christine Price Clark, Suzanne Faith Slocum Gori, Emerson Lim, Will Blunderfield and Chris Brandt have to about Yoga and what it has brought into their lives on the Yoga conference video below.

See you there! Namaste

2013 Victoria Yoga Conference

Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle is going to the 2013 Victoria Yoga Conference! See you there!

Get details here!

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