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There are Many Yoga Meditation Techniques!

There are as many ways to practice Yoga Meditation as there are Yogis and Yoginis. Some prefer complete silence while others play soothing Meditation Music. Some sit in a Lotus Position, while others prefer a more comfortable reclining position. Some repeat a Mantra such as Om, a phrase such as I AM, or a prayer or a chant. Some visualize an inspirational image such as the Buddha or focus on a candle. Some observe their breath while others focus on clearing their mind.

Simply choose the method that works best for you! Below are some of my favorite Yoga Meditation Techniques to help you get started!

Feel free to bookmark this page and refer to it often. Or, simply print the page and keep it nearby for your Yoga Meditation Practice.

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Yoga Meditation Techniques ~ by Yogini

  1. Set a Meditation schedule that is convenient for you - i.e. 20 minutes five times a week
  2. Designate a quiet space or room for your Yoga Meditation
  3. Use soft lighting or candles – I use electric candles for safety and convenience
  4. Sit in a Lotus Position on a Yoga mat, using a pillow or bolster to straighten your back
  5. Cover your shoulders with Yoga blanket or shawl
  6. Place an eye mask over your eyes
  7. Use a CD player, mp3 or iPod to play some soothing Meditation Music
  8. Say an invocation, prayer or mantra such as “Om” - this can be as simple as setting an intention such as “inner peace”
  9. Turn off all phones, iPhones etc.
  10. Place an “In Meditation” sign on the door – lock the door if necessary
  11. Use a Timer or Yoga Chime to start and end your Meditation
  12. Practice, Practice, Practice – the benefits of Meditation deepen with practice!
  13. Keep a journal to write down your insights
  14. Enjoy a blissful Yoga Meditation experience!

Yoga Meditation Accessories

Yoga Meditation can be easily practiced by sitting in the Lotus Position on a Yoga Mat or Bolster. Other accessories to enhance your Yoga Meditation experience are playing some soothing Meditation Music, covering your shoulders with Yoga Blanket or Shawl, wearing an eye mask to help you focus inwardly. I have put together a Deluxe Yoga Kit with all of these great Yoga Accessories!

You can also get some excellent Guided Yoga Meditations, DVDs, iPad Apps, Clothing, Yoga Reviews and other Yoga Accessories right here on this website.

Grab your Yogi Tea and browse away through these pages to find all of the accessories you need for your Zen Yoga Mediation. Follow your bliss!

Note: Always check with your health practitioner before practicing Yoga, Meditation or any other exercise.


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