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Whether you are a Beginner, or a Boomer like me, you can learn some simple yet powerful Hand Yoga Mudras to help you enrich your healthy lifestyle. By learning and practicing Hand Mudras, you can experience such benefits as stress relief, increased health and vitality, peace of mind and tranquility.

Hand Yoga has
been Practiced for Thousands of Years!

Hand Yoga has been practiced during Yoga and Meditation for thousands of years.

With its roots in Ancient India, Hand Mudras have been used to shift energy, elevate consciousness, improve health and attain greater peace of mind.

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For thousands
of years Mudras have been used in India for healing, storytelling, emotional expression, and to evoke and convey elevated spiritual states.
"Mudras of India" presents over 200 photographed hand mudras each with detailed instructions on technique, application, health and spiritual benefits and historical

Each Finger has a
Unique Energy!

Each finger is associated with a unique energy or element, that when formed into a Mudra can create subtle energy patterns and shifts to elevate the consciousness of the practitioner.

Pressing the finger tips together is also thought to stimulate brain specific patterns which can be used to invoke powerful intentions and effect desired change.

The Buddha
is often depicted practicing Hand Yoga
Dhyani Mudra (Gesture of Meditation) while sitting in the crossed legged or Lotus position. His left hand is resting on top of right, thumbs touching.

The Buddha is depicted here practicing Hand Yoga Dhyani Mudra

Gyan Mudra or Seat of Knowledge

For example, Hand Yoga Mudras were practiced in Ancient Indian and Buddhist Yoga.

The hands were often placed on the knees, which were in the crossed legged or Lotus Pose, with the palms facing upwards, and thumbs and forefingers encircled and touching.

This Mudra is known as the Gyan Mudra or Seat of Knowledge.

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Mudras for Body, Mind and Spirit: The Handy Course in Yoga [With 68 Cards for Practice] beautifully illustrated. On one side of the card you can clearly see what position the hands should take. On the other side, is the name of the mudra along with an affirmation, a short description and meditation.

Prayer Pose Mudra

The Prayer Pose is often used to connect to the Divine during Yoga Meditation. It is also used when greeting a Yoga teacher, student or each other, and often accompanies the word Namaste which means “I honour the Divine Within everyone” in Sanskrit.

This Hand Mudra is also known as the Anjali Mudra which means "offering".

Adding Mudras to your Yoga and Meditation practice can help you deepen your connection to the Divine, shift energy and create positive changes through your intention.

"Mudra" is a Sanskrit term meaning "seal," or "gesture".

In Yoga, we use mudras to bring about different states of awareness, and to help us meditate on different states of being. Hand Mudras are often used along with pranayama breathing exercises to stimulate different parts of the body that are involved with breathing and to affect the flow of prana. This high quality 4 color print gives beautiful demonstrations of 60 important mudras.
Shown along with their sanskrit names, these mudras give a beautiful sense of the great wisdom and practice they have been a part of for so many ages.

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Mudras Poster

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Note: Always seek advice from your medical practitioner before attempting Hand Yoga, Yoga, Meditation or any other exercise. Enjoy your Yoga Journey.


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