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At my last Yoga Retreat I was required to bring my own Yoga Accessories including a Yoga Mat, Bolster or Pillow and Meditation Shawl or Blanket. I was hesitant to bring this gear with me on the long flight, which began on a small seaplane.

I was surprised by the ingenuity of the other Yogis and Yoginis who obviously had several Retreats under their belts and brought along some great Yoga Accessories!

For example, a velvety, inflatable Yoga Bolster was a real hit. As well, a Micro-Fiber Yoga Towel which served as a Yoga Mat or Blanket and was perfect for practicing Yoga on the Beach was a fantastic idea! Of course I couldn't help noticing all of the lovely Yoga Clothes and Yoga Jewelry Bling!

I certainly learned what to bring to my next Yoga Retreat and have done a lot of research to help you prepare for yours. Build your own Deluxe Yoga Kit for your next Yoga Retreat. See Tips by Yogini below!


Deluxe Yoga Kit Comes with a FREE GEM YOGA BOOK For beginners and enthusiasts.

Kit comes with light and convenient yoga mats and accessories are essential when on the go.

Whether trips to the Yoga studio a Yoga retreat, you will want the convenience of this lightweight, Yoga Travel Kit!

Yoga Kit


This inflatable Yoga Bolster is a must for any Yoga Retreat!

Soft Contour Design for MAXIMUM COMFORT

Great for travel

Deepen Stretches - Prevent Strain - Maintain Support

Promote Relaxation - Relieve Stress

Inflatable Bolster Here!

The Teacher Played Some Beautiful Yoga Music

The teacher played some beautiful, enchanting Yoga and Meditation Music. We were all clamoring for information about our favorite music, songs, inspirational quotes, clothing, jewelry and gear!

You can find some soothing Yoga, Meditation Music and Yoga Reviews right here and throughout this website!

Take this beautifully crafted Yoga meditation shawl with Sacred Om syllable to your next Yoga Retreat!

Made in India from viscose rayon; Measures approximately 25" H x 72" L

Multi-color design - each piece is unique and colors vary slightly

Yoga Meditation Shawl

This premium non-skid, super-sized, absorbent Yoga Towel is the perfect accessory for your next Yoga Retreat!

24in by 72in, that's 2ft by 6ft made with Microfiber.

Absorbs Water or Sweat 5 Times More Than Cotton.

Non-Skid Absorbent
Yoga Towel


Build Your Own Deluxe Yoga Kit for
Your Ne
xt Yoga Retreat! ~ Tips by Yogini

You can build your own Deluxe Yoga Kit to take with you on your Next Yoga Retreat! Here are some Yoga Accessories to help you get started!

  • Easy to carry or pack Yoga Mat
  • Inflatable Yoga Bolster
  • Light weight Yoga Towel, Blanket or Shawl
  • Travel friendly Yoga Pants and Tops
  • Yoga or Beach Sandals
  • Water Bottle, Hat, Sunglasses and Sunscreen
  • Yoga Jewelry or “Bling” to Wear and Share
  • Journal and Pen
  • A Yoga Bag to carry your Yoga Accessories
  • iPod or iPad to listen to your favorite Yoga Music or Practice your Yoga Poses
  • A Positive Attitude, Spirit of Adventure and Your Best Yoga Smile!

Follow your bliss!

I hope you enjoy all of these great Yoga Tips and Accessories!

Note Always check with your health practitioner before going on any Yoga or other Retreat.


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