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Beginner Yoga Exercises for Healthy Lifestyle

Beginner Yoga Exercises are ideal for Beginners to Boomers who want to enrich their healthy lifestyle. Practicing Yoga helps reduce the stresses of today’s hectic world. Yoga has been attributed to reducing stress, blood pressure and weight – I myself have lost 20 lbs and several pant sizes by practicing Yoga just 30 minutes, three-to-five times a week! The basic foundations or principles of Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle are practicing Yoga Exercises or Poses regularly, proper breathing techniques, eating a healthy diet, and meditation. Enrich your Healthy Lifestyle by Practicing Yoga today!

Sun Salutation

A good practice for Beginners is to learn is the Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara, which combines a number of poses that are practiced in sequence to help you strengthen your core muscles, increase your flexibility, and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.


Using a Mantra such as Om and Namaste are a good way to begin and end your practice. Mantras are used to help you to acknowledge the Sacred and unify with the Divine. You will find many Yogis and Yoginis begin and end their practice with a Mantra.


Yoga for Beginners Kit

We have put together some great resources including Beginner Yoga Poses, Exercises, Tips and Techniques, Inspiration and Resources. You can also build your own Yoga for Beginners Kit to help you establish a solid foundation on which to build your Yoga practice.

Our Yoga for Beginners Kit includes some of the best Yoga Videos, DVD's, iPad Apps, Music, Clothes and Accessories available. You can read our reviews and buy them here!

Yoga for Beginners Kit

This complete kit serves as both a welcome gift and as a springboard for beginning your own yoga practice. Designed for beginners, this kit has everything you’ll need to get started! Kit arrives in a colorful box, complete with Wai Lana’s Beginners and Toning yoga DVD, Yoga Mat, Strap, and a Six-month membership to Wai Lana’s online Relaxation Club.

Beginner Yoga Poses

A great Yoga Pose for Beginners to start with is the seated or Lotus Pose. The seated pose helps you ground yourself so you can bring your full attention to your practice. This pose helps you leave behind the stresses of the day and to settle in to your Yoga Practice.

Other beneficial Poses for Beginners are the standing or Mountain Pose, bending poses such as the forward bend, back and side bend, and the final relaxation or Shavasana Pose.

You will find that most Yoga exercises are carefully sequenced to help you focus your mind, warm up your body, stretch and strengthen your muscles, cool down and finally relax for total body, mind and spirit workout.

GET Beginner Yoga Poses 3 DVD Set Here!

ONE Learn the standing poses that form the foundation of a complete yoga practice.

TWO Enhance your flexibility, lift your spirit, and brighten your mood with this series of bends and twists.

THREE Attain positions that you might not think are possible! Learn how to do so safely.

As these poses help you become more flexible on your mat, so too will they help you become more flexible in facing your daily life.

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