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Gwen Harmen - Yogini

Yoga has enriched every
aspect of my life!

By practicing Yoga for just
30-45 minutes, 3-times-
a-week, I have experienced increased vitality, inner strength, greater flexibility, weight-loss and peace-of-mind.

~Yogini ~

About Gwen Harmen-Yogini

Gwen Harmen has been Practicing Yoga for some 25 years. For the past three years Gwen has practiced Yoga at home.

By maintaining a consistent Yoga Practice over these past three years, Gwen has lost 20 pounds and several pant sizes!

In her career, Gwen is a business and marketing consultant as well as an adult educator and life coach.

Gwen wanted to help others, especially Boomers like her, experience the benefits of Yoga. She also wanted an online business. That is how www.yoga-for-healthy-lifestyle.com was born.

Gwen created www.yoga-for-healthy-lifestyle.com to help others enrich their lifestyle through Yoga.

Gwen enjoys deepening her Yoga practice by going on Yoga Retreats whenever she can. Her last two retreats were in Maui and Oahu, Hawaii.

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