Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle
Beginners to Boomers!

Gwen Harmen - Yogini

Welcome! Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle is for Beginners to Boomers who want to enrich their lifestyle through practicing Yoga.

Today’s sedentary but stressful lifestyle challenges our health and our well-being, and can add unwanted weight to our bodies - especially if you are a Boomer like me!

By practicing Yoga we can address these challenges and add years of quality to our lives. The benefits of practicing Yoga are increased flexibility, reduced stress and anxiety, and greater peace of mind.

Friends Noticed a Positive Shift!

My friends noticed a positive shift in my attitude and my weight over the past three years. Not only am I more positive and serene, I have lost 20 lbs and several pant sizes! They wanted to know what I have been doing to achieve these results.

My Answer - Yoga Practice!

Have I been sweating it out with hot yoga or running marathons? No way!

I simply practice Yoga for just 30 minutes, three to five times a week, and, I do it from home!

How do I do it?

How do I maintain my Yoga practice? Discipline. A quiet space. And easy-to-follow Yoga programs.

I just go to my designated Yoga space, pop in my favorite Yoga video, DVD or iPad APP and practice my Yoga.

It is so easy to maintain my healthy lifestyle with all of the great Yoga resources that can be found online.

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Practicing Yoga At Home

And the best part is, by practicing at home, I get to practice with world-renowned teachers like Rod Styker, Rodney Yee, Suzanne Dreason and Jillian Michaels all in the comfort of my own home.

I also get to practice in some of the world’s most exotic locales like Hawaii, Jamaica and Antigua simply by clicking my remote or my keypad. And I can go on a fabulous Yoga retreat with the money I save by practicing at home.

You can too!

Whether you are a Beginner or a Boomer like me, you can Benefit by practicing Yoga. Whether you practice Yoga in your home, or at Yoga class you can experience greater flexibility, reduce your stress and even lose weight. And, you can get all of the information, inspiration and resources you need to help you begin and maintain your Yoga practice right here in this website.

That is Why Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle was Born!

Yoga for Healthy Lifestyle was born to help Beginners to Boomers like you to embrace a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle. By practicing Yoga you can benefit by reducing stress, boosting your vitality, increasing your flexibility and controlling your weight.

Throughout this website you will find information, inspiration and resources to help you experience the benefits of Yoga. Here you can learn about Yoga and practicing it safely with confidence.

You can also get inspiration, tips and some great Yoga resources such as Yoga Reviews, Videos, DVDs, Music and iPad Apps, Clothes and Accessories, Yoga Retreats right here!

Feel free to grab a cup of fragrant Yogi tea and browse through this site! Why wait, begin practicing Yoga today! It works - see you inside.

PS... Did I mention that you can also get some great Yoga Stuff Free and even learn a Mantra?


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